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.     Wilderness homesteading pictures
Putting up winter wood, this shed will be full!

Cleaning out the wood stove

This pair of socks is the first thing I've ever knitted! 
Followed directions in a book!

Sugar Cookie recipe from pinterest

Keeping a deer hunting journal

Our son hunting with black powder Pennsylvania Long Rifle Muzzleloader

Putting in the cabin window

taking a short 5 mile hike on an improved trail

Wool shirts 18f below zero...
Some of the rustic furniture we make...

Splitting wood for the cookstove

hauling large timber for cutting into 2x4's with the Alaskan chainsaw mill

homemade hook to catch fish, worked great!

Grouse harvested with bow and arrow

Grocery shopping
Winter window view

Fresh Chicken for Supper

                   Deer for winter meals
Logs stacked up to be cut into boards with the alaska mill for our cabin.

Taking a break

Practicing log walking balance

Cutting firewood by hand

Fetching water

Bringing in stove wood

Hand cutting firewood

Practicing rifle safety and shooting

First squirrel hunt

Good job!
Homemade furniture

Babies are fun

Making furniture legs

pair of benches

Babies are fun!

Our sons first deer with bow and arrow Good shot!
Our "pet" birds

-20f below zero, building an additional cabin in case of emergency 20 minutes building outside
1 hour thawing out inside, 20 minutes out 1 hour in....20 gallons of hot cocoa, coffee & tea!

Putting up the rafters

Splitting firewood
Bringing in a load of wood, an ongoing chore when temps are below zero
Preparing dinner by candle light
Our camper, we spend months at a time camping in all seasons

.om got lucky...lots of meat there! 250 lbs

Made it to the top

               Making wood lures and flies                                              


Leather buckskin shirt I made for my husband

2012 gameboy invades 1800's cabin - cant escape technology!

Hanging clothes in trees to keep them scent free for hunting
Our baby ducks

This pic was taken out the cabin window!
Modern wilderness living domestic turkeys do also play gameboy!